Toasted Mozzarella & Boundless Bruschetta

Toasted Mozzarella & Boundless Bruschetta Ingredients Baguette Mozzarella Boundless Bruschetta Basil, sliced in a chiffonade Steps Turn on the broiler for your oven. Slice baguette, or other bread of choice. Arrange slices on

Splendid Stuffed Mushrooms

Splendid Stuffed Mushrooms Years ago, I met a dear friend named Bud (Sydney) Tudge, a former chef at the Waldorf Astoria who found his way to the Hudson Valley. Bud opened a clam stand in

Easy & Cheesy

We all need a little more time in our busy lives. The beauty of this casserole is that it can be made several hours ahead (or even better, the night before), so all you have

Fruited Pork Medley

This is a wonderfully fragrant fall dish. The flavors are complex, so it's best to keep the side dishes simple. It would be excellent served with basmati rice and a simple green salad. If you

Veterans Day

  The table set for the Fallen Soldier has become a tradition in our family. I'd love to share the significance behind the setting, so that on this Veterans Day you can honor soldiers at home as well.