Nancy & Nita Featured in ‘Bridging the Gap’ Series

My daughter Nita and I were honored to be included in the Catherinegraceo Bridging the Gap 2017 series! Bridging the Gap brings together incredible women from different generations to foster “reciprocal mentorship.” Thank you to CatherineGraceO for including us!

Here’s an excerpt from the piece.

Nancy Fuller is a powerhouse and as authentic and real as they come. She’s a Food Network Star who is grounded and down to earth. Having her own show on The Food Network was a bit of a fluke as it happened organically with a producer coming by on her own for a different reason! Nancy’s personality came through and before she knew it she had a show in the works.

As Nancy has a packed calendar, she wanted to lend her voice to our campaign while I helped to facilitate a conversation with her daughter, Nita. We had reached out to a few Millennials to join with her but couldn’t quite find the right pairing. Her daughter, Nita, jumped in and shared her voice and her relationship with her Mother.  It was a refreshing and candid conversation between the two and I was delighted to meet the two women who know who they are and stand for authenticity.

If you’d like to read it in its entirety, click here.