Meet Nancy Fuller

Hi… I’m Nancy Fuller! The “Fuller” Farmer!

I was born on a dairy farm in the glorious Hudson Valley…. many many years ago! But as all those many years accumulated and diversity integrated throughout….I always came back to the land. I was raised on garden vegetables and grass-fed beef. Farming has always been in my blood and bone. It’s a respect to the food, farmers, and the land where it is grown. Farm to table wasn’t a movement back then, it was just how we lived.

I try my best to cultivate this mentality into the lives of my family. They are learning!:-) As long as my city grandchildren are exposed to the farm life that they will never lead…I’m happy. They know where a potato comes from (Not just the grocery store!).

My family was also the catalyst for my 25 year catering career. Who wouldn’t know how to cater after cooking breakfast lunch and dinner for a family of 8 three times a day 365 days a year?!

My life is full because my family is my life. The camaraderie that exists between us is so special! We all congregate twice a year for sure and interminably throughout. And we cook and eat together. Always. Well maybe we all don’t cook… some days we make reservations!

Regardless, it’s always better with family!

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