Meet Nancy Fuller

I was born and raised on a dairy farm in the glorious Hudson Valley of upstate New York—many, many years ago—where farm-to-table wasn’t a movement, it was a way of life.  I was raised on garden vegetables and grass-fed beef.  As the years have passed and times have changed—my love for the land and all it provides has not.  Farming has always been in my blood and bones—a respect for the natural, organic relationship of the land, the farmer and the food.

I try my best to cultivate this heritage into the lives of my family—They are learning! 🙂 It makes me happy to expose my city-grandchildren to farm-life and teach them things—like where potatoes actually come from (not the produce section of the grocery store).

My family was the catalyst to my 25-year catering career. Who wouldn’t be able to cater for crowds, after cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for a family of eight, three times a day, 365 days a year—you do the math—I’m too exhausted.

My life is full because my family is my life.  The camaraderie that exists between us is so special! Although we may be spread out, we congregate at least twice a year for sure—and throughout the year, whenever we can and whoever can. One thing is a given—we cook and we eat together—Always. Well, maybe we do make reservations every now and again.

Regardless, “It’s always better with Family.”

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